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How to delete a Google account, first downloading your data

How to delete a Google account, first downloading your data

How to delete a Google account, first downloading your data

So you can delete a Google account, but before you can also download absolutely all data that you have stored in it.

How many Google services do you use? In my case I can assure that many, although that does not mean that they share space with services from other companies that I personally consider better or because they simply fit more with my needs.

Imagine that you have found a substitute for one of the Google products you use and you don’t want to keep your account in the big G’s, or let’s put ourselves in an extreme case: you want to completely forget about Google and all its products. You can delete your account without major problems, but that s, be sure to download all your data first, for that they are yours.

Download your data: export your Google account information

Have you thought How much information do you have stored in the different Google services?? Email, events and calendar, cloud files on Drive, photos, books, applications, notes, maps, browsing history lists go on and on. Your voice is even stored from all the times you have asked your assistant for something:

google copy export account data

If you want download your data from Google you can do it in a way from Google Takeout:

Export your information with Google TakeOut

The wizard is quite simple, you simply have to select those products (Blogger, Contacts, Drive, Fit, Photos) from which you want to export the data. You can select them all or just some concrete. Then you can send the direct download link or upload the files to services like Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft Drive.

Important: Downloading your data does NOT delete them from said services. In other words, you can use Google Takeout to periodically back up your accounts.

How to delete a Google account or in certain services

Now yes, you have it clear, you want delete your Google account and you have put your data in a safe place (note, make sure of this, that afterwards there is no going back).

Again, Google makes it easy enough to delete accounts or, again, you can select only certain products, you do not have to delete the entire Google account. You have both options here:

Website to delete Google account

Restore a Google account

If you have regretted or bundled it up by removing what you shouldn’t have, you have an opportunity to restore a google account, but note that it is for a limited time, only for a short period after deleting it:

Recover a deleted Google account

Have you considered stopping using Google or its services? Have you taken the step with any of them? What has been the alternative? Tell us!