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How to create your own font on your mobile or PC

How to create your own font on your mobile or PC

How to create your own font on your mobile or PC

With this app, you can create a typographic font from your own letter.

Times New Roman, Helvetica, Gothic, Arial. It is not a list of groups that will participate in the next indie festival, they are some of the most used fonts in the world. Typography is an art, whose mastery requires countless hours of work.

Designing a font is very complicated once you realize the limitations and everything you need to consider. It’s not just that you have to make sure the letters are pretty; above all they must be legible, and for this they must comply with certain principles.

Or you can also just take what you write and make it a font. Yes, it is possible and easier than it appears; Although we do not promise that the newspapers will start using it.

How to create a font from the web

The best tool to create a font is called MyScriptFont, because of how easy it is to use; we just have to configure some aspects of the font, and the application will do the rest.

  • Download the template in which you will write your font; It is available in PDF or PNG format.
  • In MyScriptFont, choose the final file by clicking Select File. If you have uploaded it to a cloud service, you can also enter the URL.
  • Put the name of the font you are going to create.
  • To install it on your computer, in most systems you will only have to double click on the file and click Install.

How to create your custom font on mobile

MyScriptFont has been open for a while, but if you want to create custom fonts for your mobile, you should know that there is another alternative. It is called Letterme, and it is a messenger app for iOS with which we can write with our own letter.

Letterme settings are similar, but in a more guided way. The app itself will show us one by one the characters that we must write, obviously on the touch screen.

Once we have finished, we can vary aspects such as the space between characters (or kerning) and the space between lines; This is done simply by pinching the screen. There you go, we have our own font on the phone.

The bad thing about Letterme is the limitations it imposes. The most obvious and the worst is that you can only use your custom font in the app itself; you cannot use it in other apps that you have installed. Also, we cannot customize all the characters, as the punctuation marks, for example, are always the same. Apart from that, it is a curious application if you want to give a personal touch to your conversations.

Letterme is only available for iOS at the moment, although its creators promise an Android version.

Download Letterme for iOS