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How to create your own channel in Google Currents

How to create your own channel in Google Currents

A few moments ago we told you that the system for creating digital magazines for Google mobile, Google Currents, was already available worldwide, allowing the option to customize the content we want our readers to enjoy through this channel.

I leave you here some instructions that can be useful to create yours.

1 – Access the creator of digital magazines at and read the contract.

2 – Inform the name of the channel and an rss address with the news of the same, as well as a category and an image to use as an icon. Remember to indicate the Google Analytics identifier to be able to track the visits received.

3 – Specify the type of content you want to show, being possible to include news, photos, videos or social network updates.

4 – Delete the articles that you don’t want to show in the publication.

5 – Configure the language and the regions in which the content can be distributed, making it possible to verify its authentication to prevent other people from using it without permission.

6 – Disclose your url to get subscribers. By obtaining 200 subscribers, Google will include the channel in its directory, being accessible to all its users. It may be useful to disclose it using a QR code.

In the case of WWWhatsnew, you just have to access the mobile device here: