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How to create multiple mailboxes in Gmail

How to create multiple mailboxes in Gmail

How to create multiple mailboxes in Gmail

You can have thousands of emails a day, you can have a few minor ones, but organization is important in all cases, and creating multiple mailboxes in Gmail can help us to bring a little more order in our virtual mailbox.

Normally we can get to receive dozens of emails throughout the day, emails that may have some importance or require us to take action. And if we have to take care of them and at the same time receive more, everything can become a difficult disaster to manage. We want to help you control this disaster, and for this we teach you how can you create multiple mailboxes in Gmail.

Step 1: remove Gmail tabs


If you are not using Gmail’s automatic tab system you can skip the step, but if you have it you have to deactivate it first. For this, once we are inside Gmail, we have to open Set up inbox(in the upper right gear). We uncheck all the boxes until there is only Principalchecked and we save the changes.

Step 2: leave the Inbox view as Default


On the other hand, you will not have to do anything if you already play it that way, but if you have configured the Inbox tab to show a certain view (Important first or Priority, for example), you will have to return it to default. To do this go to the left bar, click on the arrow that appears when you pass the cursor over Inbox and select Default.

Step 3: activate the multi-tray function


Click on the gear on the upper right to access the Configuration, and inside we go to the Labs. We are looking for an option called Multiple input trays (you can use the search box for it),we enable and save the changes. The page will reload sla, it is normal that it happens.

Step 4: configure the mail trays in Gmail


We go back to the configuration as before, and look for the tab called Multiple input trays. That’s where you can create up to five new inboxes, which we can configure in the following way:

  • Each inbox is a searchSo in Search Query we have to tell you what you have to look for to show us the emails that interest us. To do this look at these advanced Gmail search commands for filters, they work the same.
    • Leaving the query empty is the same as deleting the panel
  • In Panel Title, as you can imagine, the text you want that identifies the inbox goes.


Once we have all our panels to our liking we can indicate how many emails do we want to display per panel, and also choose where we want them to appear these new panels on the main screen.