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How to create GMail filters: great for tidying up your email

How to create GMail filters: great for tidying up your email

How to create GMail filters: great for tidying up your email

With Gmail filters you can get a much cleaner and tidier inbox that will make you much more productive when it comes to checking email.

Gmail already has a system to order the inbox much more efficiently than other mail services, separating main, social, promotions, notifications and forums. But if you are looking for a more personalized and powerful way to organize email, you probably have to resort to filters.

Filters are a feature that allows separate certain emails by senders or receivers, content, subject or weight and redirect them directly to a folder, archive them or mark them as important among many other options.

How to create a Gmail filter

Creating a Gmail filter is very simple: on the Gmail website, open settings (in the gear menu) and there select important filters and addresses. Finally click on create new filter and the filtering options will be displayed (sender, receiver, subject, content and size).

Emails that meet the established filtering parameters will be treated automatically as you choose after (archive, mark as read, highlight, tag, forward, delete, do not mark as spam, mark as important or classify in a folder).

What can Gmail filters do?

The uses for filters are as wide as you can think of, but there are a number of pretty interesting basic possibilities.


You can separate your mail into two large groups: personal and professional. All you have to do is create two labels and make two large filters separating them by senders, each one redirected to one of the two labels. Or, if your company uses its own domain, you can separate the rest of the emails simply by typing from: (- @ yourcompanydomain) in the filter parameters.

It can also be very interesting to automatically mark emails from certain issuers (for example, your boss) or create a folder with all the emails that involve some task (Here you can help senders, receivers or even the fact that it includes an attachment).


On the other hand, if there are emails from a certain sender whose information you want to save just in case, but don’t read regularly, you can automatically archive them or send them to a specific folder; For example, I do that with the Humble Bundle emails. Redirect all newsletters to the same tag It can also be very useful to empty your inbox a little.

Fix Gmail order algorithm with filters

But the most basic use that can be given to these filters is simply to take the order established by Google in 5 folders and fix it so that it really works as it should.

For example, if there are certain emails that you should receive in promotions but they reach your main tray, you can set a filter for that sender and redirect it to the correct folder.

There is no doubt that filters are a very powerful tool that can be used for various purposes. What do you use them for?