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How to Create a Windows 10 USB Flash Drive on MacOS

How to Create a Windows 10 USB Flash Drive on MacOS

How to Create a Windows 10 USB Flash Drive on MacOS

Having a Mac doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with Windows: so you can create a Windows 10 flash drive with MacOS.

Apple seems like a closed room in which you cannot use anything that the company approves, and although something like this happens on devices with iOS, it is not so in those with macOS: we can install whatever we want on Apple computers, arriving to the point that also we can install Windows and go from macOS if we feel like it.

To do this, Apple has a utility built into the system called Boot Camp that takes care of the entire process: preparing to install, performing and maintaining all necessary compatibility. And we can take advantage of that utility to make a Windows 10 pendrive with macOS, something that we explain today in three easy steps.

Step 1: download the Windows 10 ISO (or whatever you want)

First of all is get a Windows 10 ISO to install on our pendrive, if not we are not going anywhere. And rest assured, you don’t have to turn to the late Kickasstorrents this time to get the ISO: Windows lets you download it from their website without any more headaches. Tennis what you need at the following link:

Notably this tutorial is valid for any version of Windows 10, we do the tutorial with Windows 10 for being the most recent, and in the link you can find even download links for Windows 7.

Step 2: search and run Boot Camp on your Mac

Once we have the ISO in our possession, it’s time to run the wizard. First of all, if you are in a laptop make sure that it is connected to the power at all times, and don’t close the lid or cut your progress by making him sleep. The process takes a while to complete, so don’t count on doing it quickly.

To find Boot Camp in our system we have to access the menu with the applications, open the Other folder and click on Boot Camp Assistant. We can also launch the search (Cmd + space bar) and when Boot appears the tool will appear as the first option, with the name of Boot Camp

Step 3: follow the steps of the wizard

Using the wizard is quite simple, Apple has left everything so that the user does not have to carry out any technical step. We just have to check the option to Create a Windows 7 installation disc or a later version and uncheck the option to Install or remove Windows 7 or a later version. Yes, if you create an installation disc it is mandatory to download the Apple compatibility software, something essential if you are going to use the USB stick with Mac devices and unnecessary if you are going to do it with conventional computers.

Be careful, it is very important to uncheck the last option, since you will proceed to install Windows on your Mac after mounting the pendrive. It can be stopped, but it is unnecessary if you do not have in mind to install Windows on the Mac.

With the USB connected, we point to the wizard where the ISO we want to install is, which USB device we want to use and click Continue. We confirm that we want to format the drive with the process (watch this) and the assistant will do all the work for us.