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How to create a totally secure password

How to create a totally secure password

How to create a totally secure password

A weak password is giving full access to all of our information. Cudala (and cudate) and generates the safest possible.

The password is one of the most important aspects when it comes to being secure on the network. If we have a very weak password, or if on the contrary we use the same one in all in all the sites, all our data will be exposed. Imagine that you have the same password on all websites if you hackFor example, email (or your Yahoo account, which appears to happen every six months) will have full access to the intimate photos you jealously save in Dropbox.

That is why not only It is important to have a service password, but it must also be quite secure. We can use a security meter, but we should not totally trust ourselves, since we still have a password that takeshack Billions of years using the dictionary technique, it can be skipped in just a few minutes. This is because the keys that have been extracted from services that have been violated, such as Yahoo, are published on the Internet so that anyone can access them.



Luckily, one practice that we see more and more is that The website on which we are registering indicates whether the password we are entering is vulnerable or not.. I don’t mean a security meter in the registry, but the web check in the password directories hacked if ours is there or not. Instagram, for example, does this kind of thing: it pays to have access to vulnerable passwords to better serve its users.

Always use random password generators

Random generators do not take into account real words, but join characters, both alphabet letters and numbers, as well as strange characters of the type? or #. Inside the generator itself there is usually an option to choose the type of security we want. That is, if we want to choose only letters, or if we want, we can also choose all kinds of characters.

On the other hand, we can also choose the password length. The longer the better, for if someone tries to find out by brute force it will take much longer.

The passwords that are generated with this type of web pages (or applications) are of the type YiHK; AK ~) k2p. They are not at all easy to remember, but to see who is the handsome man who manages to find out using the gross out. It would take many, many years to find out. That is, if they break the security of a web service, no matter how much security we have in the password, our account will be exposed to 100%, but that no longer depends on us, but on the resources that the platforms invest in protecting us.

Generate a secure key with

Add a

The is not usually used in passwords. What’s more, I personally have never used him. But, according to an experiment, adding this harmless character security multiplies logarithmically. It is incredible that just by adding this character we leave in diapers anysoftware that try to exploit our key.

Think that the is not a character that they use all over the world, but we only use it when we speak Spanish. That is why in English-speaking passes, where most attacks usually occur, they do not take this letter into account.

Still following these two tips, if we put the same password everywhere, we will continue to be exposed, because if one service fails, fail at all. Be like some dominoes: if one falls, all will fall. It is best to use passwords of length 12 or greater and store them in some manager to always have them at hand.