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How to create a temporary email address

How to stop receiving spam in our email

How to stop receiving spam in our email

We show you some online services to create an account temporary email, very useful at times.

Let’s not see how difficult it was to send an email in 1984, in those years having a Electronic mail? Nico It was not something vital, however the technology has evolved and practically everyone has an email address, especially now with the number of devices and services that we use.

Elemailya is part of our routine, we have included it among our personal data and in it we keep documents, conversations and very private information to which we do not want anyone to have access. If you don’t like spreading your email, you can create a temporary email.

Webs to create a temporary email or email


It sure happened to you: You arrive at a website or forum, and you need to create a user account to access the content. However, you know that it is possible that there is not what you are looking for, so you are going to create an account that you will probably not use again, and you will have to enter your email.

Both in those cases, as well as in occasions when we do not trust the service very much or directly it gives us exactly the same to lose the account, the best thing is to create a temporary email. The following websites allow to create temporary email accountsIn other words, a completely random address is created, and if you close or refresh the page, it disappears and another appears.

Simpler impossible, without records, or waiting, or entering any data.

AirMail, temporary emails


The one that I usually use, although not for that reason the best (in fact, none is). It is simple, it is in Spanish and just by pressing a button we will have a temporary email created.

We will get an email full of meaningless, but functional characters, and just below our temporary inbox, which will updates every 10 seconds to check the new mail. The most interesting thing about GetAirMail is that if we save the URL, we can access at any time that same temporary email address, although we cannot send emails from it.

GuerrillaMail, a temporary email from which to write

Another of the best known isGuerrillaMail,from which we can create temporary email addresses without registering by sending any personal data. Each session lasts 60 minutes and gives the possibility to personalize your own email address.

Here we have the interesting function of to be able to compose and send emails from that same addressWe can even attach files of up to 150MB (although they will be removed from your servers within 24 hours).

guerrillamail temporary mail

10 Minute Mail, well that

Simpler still is 10 Minute Mail, so much so that even his own name describes it perfectly. Do you need a temporary email for something quick? It is enough to enter your website and automatically you will see a temporary email address on screen.

Just below appears the inbox which is continually updated. Unlike the previous ones, here there is expiration. In 10 minutes the email expires, it vanishes. The countdown indicates that what you have left, but in case you need more you can always expand in blocks of 10 minutes.

None is the best, they are web services that you can not scratch much either, they are for what they are and they fulfill its function. Of course, it goes without saying that you don’t even think of creating an account that will be, for something important, with one of these temporary emails.

Have you used others? In which cases do you use temporary emails?