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How to copy text on Android using the navigation buttons

How to copy text on Android using the navigation buttons

How to copy text on Android using the navigation buttons

Copying text on Android while holding the screen can be horrifying. A long and tedious process that can be much better. So we explain how to do it much better.

It may be funny, but the simple act of copying and pasting was not from the beginning of time on Android. We had to wait until one of the first big updates to see it working. And even so, not the most intuitive function in the world. It hasn’t improved much throughout the updates, and it could be much more intuitive.

To do it as the system dictates, we have to hold the screen where we want to copy the text. The word we have pressed will be marked, and that’s when we can extend or make the copy smaller. Once we have the text that we want marked, we give Copy. To paste it, we hold down the text box where we want to do it, until the option of Paste.


As you can see, we need a lot of pressing and a long waiting time to copy and paste text. Surely this could be much better, surely you have ever thought. And it can be thanks to Microsoft, since it has created a application that changes how copy text works on Android.

Clip Layer, the app that revolutionizes copying text on Android


Microsoft, in addition to developing applications such as the Office suite or Skype on Android, has a division dedicated to experiments. A team of people who make different applications for Android. Things we would not be expecting from Microsoft under normal conditions.

Clip Layer is part of that project in which they explore the limits of Android. And it must be said that they have been left with a very competent application, because greatly improves the act of copying text on Android. For this reason we are going to base the tutorial on Clip Layer, and we are going to show you step by step how to make it work.

How to install and use Clip Layer on Android

Step 1: install and run Clip Layer


The first step is to install Clip Layer on our phone. Its T available on google play, the official Android application market, so we will not have many problems. Click this link to do it.

Once installed on our Android, we open the application by selecting its icon.

Step 2: give accessibility permissions to the app

When you open it, the first thing you will ask us is permission to access as an accessibility application. We have to click on the illuminated icon and select Clip Layer as an assistance application.

Incidentally, and while we are here, it is convenient to explain something. Give accessibility access to an application means you have access to everything we do. But some applications need it to offer advanced features. So make sure it is a trusted application.

We go back and see that the second box is illuminated. Press it and that’s it, it will take us to the desk.

Step 3: copy what you want by pressing the middle button

To copy from now on, we just have to hold down the Start button, the central of the three. We select with a touch what we want to copy, and we give Copy.

We can also give the text button to isolate it, or share what we want quickly. Simple, right?