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How to clone a program while preserving settings

How to clone a program while preserving settings

How to clone a program while preserving settings

With CloneApp you can clone a program while preserving the settings to pass it from one computer to another. Facilitates the process of changing computers.

Changing computers is a true odyssey. Especially if you are one of those who configure every little detail. When changing computers, you not only have to transfer all the information and install the programs you use. You also have to carefully review the settings of each program.

It is true, it has a little absurd obsession, but many times we want to have everything completely personalized. And migrating from one computer to another would be very laborious if we couldn’t clone a program while preserving the settings.

Clone a program with CloneApp

CloneApp is probably the simplest solution to clone a program and pass it from one computer to another. To do so, you can download the file, extract the executable and make sure to run it as administrator (in the menu by right-clicking on the program) to be able to save all the settings of the cloned programs.

In the configure section you can change, if you want, the destination of the cloned programs. Once that is done, you can go to the tab that saysClone.

Ah you have two lists. One that sayssupported and another one that saysinstalled. The first is a complete list of all the programs that Cloneapp allows you to copy, and in the second the programs that you have installed. In the list ofsupported is where you must select the programs you want to clone.

Before you start cloning you can see quests saving exactly by clicking on the button What is being backed up ?. This will give you a list of all the folders of the programs that are being saved. Finally, click on the buttonStart CloneAppand copies of the programs will begin saving. The process is quite slow (1 hour is not taken away by anyone), but the program is effective.

Once you have your backup ready, just copy the folder with the programs to an external drive and connect it to the new computer. Pass the programs to the new computer, and everything is ready.