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How to change folders already installed Steam games

How to change folders already installed Steam games

How to change folders already installed Steam games

Since the last update, it is possible to change the folder of the Steam games, although we have already installed them.

Today’s video games take up more and more storage space; if we go a little fair we may find that we cannot install the game we just bought.

At least Valve is implementing improvements in this regard. Before, all games were installed in the same folder; we had to rely on community tools to move them. For several versions, it is possible to choose a different folder when we install a game.

Changing site games to take advantage of our SSD

However, until now there was no option to change the folder of Steam games; so you had to choose the directory very well when you started the download.


If you have an SSD, chances are whatAnd you want to take advantage of it to install your games on it; but its small size will force you to choose very well which games you want to load faster. Either that, or constantly uninstall and install games, if you have the Internet connection for it.

Well, all those are finished thanks to The last version of Steam, 1484790260, which was released on January 18. If you’ve opened Steam in the last few days, it’s probably already been updated.

How can we change the folder of the Steam games

This version allows us to change the installation folder of a game, even if it is already installed. It is really simple and allows us, for example, to move a game to a hard disk to get space on the SSD.

First of all, we are going to create a new Steam library; These are the folders in which Steam searches for installed games.

steam installation game 1

To do this, we first open Steam and in View click on Parameters.

steam installation game 2

We go to the Downloads section, and click on Steam Library Folders.

steam installation game 3

Here we will see the list of folders in which we can install Steam games. Click on Add library folder if the one you want is not in the list. A window will appear through which we can navigate to the folder that we want to assign (or create).

steam installation game 4

steam installation game 5

In the Local Files tab, we select Move Install Folder. Although the name is in English, it is to be imagined that it will be translated soon.