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How to cancel the automatic suspension of your laptop

How to cancel the automatic suspension of your laptop

How to cancel the automatic suspension of your laptop

Insomnia is a program that allows you to cancel the automatic suspension of your computer temporarily.

As of today, all computers have power saving options that automatically suspend the computer when you spend a certain time without using it. In addition, laptops also turn off the screen after a certain time without using them. In this way avoids unnecessary energy expenditure while you don’t use the computer.

However, this option may not always be convenient. Sometimes you can prefer keep the computer on without having to be playing a key or moving the mouse every so often.

Cancel automatic sleep from Windows settings

If you want to change the automatic screen sleep and sleep settings permanently, you can easily do it in Windows settings. You just have to open the configuration application and navigate toSystem> Start / shutdown and sleep.

Can you change idle time for automatic screen shutdown and automatic sleep, differentiating the times according to the energy source (electric current or battery).

Insomnia: cancel automatic suspension on time

If you are interested in energy saving settings and they are convenient for you, but on certain occasions you want to cancel the suspension or the screen offYou can easily do it with a small program called Insomnia.

insomnia just run in the background, and while open prevents the computer from automatically suspending. If you right-click on the application icon you will see an option that says Keep Monitor On to also prevent the screen from suspending automatically.

Insomnia is a very simple program, but it has a function that can be very useful in certain situations. It does not catch your attention, it just works and, in addition, it is ultra light.

Download Insomnia here