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How to automatically save attached Gmail images to Google Drive

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If you tend to receive many images as attachments in Gmail, you’ve probably been curious to see if you can save them to Google Drive automatically. Well, you can, and one of the easiest ways is through a script like the one created by Amit Agarwal of, a Google script which is nothing more than an automated task that does not require installing anything or transferring files to third parties since it runs on the account and not elsewhere.

What it will do is scan the Gmail inbox for messages that have images attached to save them on Google Drive. This will make it easier to review them together, visually manage them with Google Drive’s thumbnail view mode, and filter searches based on their content thanks to GDrive’s image recognition technology. Obviously, you will also do this with future incoming messages.

1. Click on this link to go to the Google Script that will take care of everything. Click on Continue to give you permission to execute. Then the account permissions pop-up window will appear where you must click on To accept to give you more specific permissions.

2. A form will then appear in which you will need to indicate a folder name (Google Drive Folder) and optionally a label (Gmail Label Name): the first is the folder in which all the attached Gmail images are going to be saved (if there is no folder with the name entered, a new one is created automatically) and the second is nothing more than giving the label a name they will take all the messages processed by the scriptThat is, the attachments within their content have already been analyzed.

3. The last thing will be to click on the button start so that the script start your work. As a warning that everything is working, a small message will be displayed at the bottom of the form.

That’s it, after a few minutes you can enter Google Drive to see the new folder with the attachments that have already been added by the script being the first to appear those of the most recent messages -as it appears in the first image of this guide-. In the Gmail inbox, in the lower left, you can see the label whose name was given or predetermined in the second step, clicking on it will show the messages already processed.

How to uninstall the script, stop it from running

If you no longer want the attached images to be saved automatically, simply click on this link and in the window that appears, click on the button. Uninstall. You can also remove the tag created by the script going to the Gmail inbox.