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How to automatically reload tabs in Chrome, Firefox and Opera

How to automatically reload tabs in Chrome, Firefox and Opera

How to automatically reload tabs in Chrome, Firefox and Opera

So you can automatically reload any tab that you have in your browser.

It’s funny, but a function as simple as automatic reloading of tabs is not integrated in browsers, yet.

The Web navigator It is one of those programs that are practically open all day on our computer, it is essential and we always have an open website, be it Omicrono or any social network.

Updates a tab automatically and in the background

There are tabs that we keep permanently open or we have them in background and from time to time we go back to them, reload and see the new content. It is something you can save with one of these extensions to recharge tabs automatically, being able to customize exactly the time interval between each recharge.


What uses can this have? Well, for example, I use it a lot in forums, so that a specific thread is recharged every X minutes with new responses from other users. You can also use it to continuously monitor changes to a website (like the front page of a newspaper).

In the end its usefulness depends a lot on the user, you have probably thought that it would come from pearls, so here are three extensions or accessories to automatically reload tabs in Chrome, Firefox and Opera (and that work in any operating system, of course).

Auto Refresh for Chrome: reload tabs in the time you say

There are three hundred extensions or complements of this type, after trying a few, I have selected only three, one for each browser. They work well, they are simple and they comply, why ask for more?

omicrono countdown reload page

In Chrome my extension chosen to reload tabs automatically is Auto Refresh. It is ultra simple and is placed as an icon in the upper bar of the browser. Just press it and a small box appears in which we can put every how much we want it to recharge, in minutes and seconds. It’s that easy.

Auto Refresh for Chrome

This affects the tab, not the page you are currently visiting. That is, if you activate the autofreshin Omicrono and you go to Freeland on that same tab, the countdown will be kept. Of course it can be stopped at any time (or by closing the tab).

Tab Auto Reload for Firefox

For Firefox the plugin you are looking for is called Tab Auto Reload, mexplicito impossible.

Just right click on a tab to find the menu in which we choose the reload time, or go directly to the button on the top bar. This time we find several default values, but we can also customize our own.

Tab Auto Reload, reload pestas automatically in Firefox

Super Auto Refresh for Opera

If you use Opera as a web browser, then the extension you are looking for is called SuperAuto Refresh.

Super Auto Refresh

Allows you to select different minutes and seconds of autoload, which may be different for each tab, remember the settings of a complete page and also the scroll position it was in before reloading.

You never know when you will need it, but here you have several options for when the time comes.