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How to activate the new dark mode of Youtube

How to activate the new dark mode of Youtube

How to activate the new dark mode of Youtube

With YouTube’s new dark mode, our eyesight doesn’t suffer as much, especially in the dark.

Despite everything that has changed since its birth, YouTube’s design is easily recognizable; white and gray with hints of red, it’s a winning color scheme. However, that does not mean it is perfect for all situations.

Dark themes, if you don’t want to leave your eyes on the monitor

Many users, especially those who like to use the computer at night, consider that there is nothing worse than a website with a white background; that’s why you just have to do an internet search to find all kinds of dark topics for any website you can imagine. Sometimes even the websites themselves offer a dark theme, although it is somewhat rarer.

Youtube still doesn’t offer an easy way to access a dark theme; but that doesn’t mean I haven’t worked on it. Now, and thanks to a little trick, we can get Youtube dark mode; We don’t know if they intend to make it available to everyone in the coming weeks, but you can use it before anyone else.

The trick is very simple, it consists solely of using a cookie with a specific value; Thus, we can use dark mode as long as we do not delete cookies or change user. If we do, we will have to do this whole process again.

How to get dark mode on Youtube

Make sure that your Chrome browser is updated to version 57 at least; This trick is not compatible with other browsers at the moment. To find out which version of Chrome you are using, tap on the Chrome menu, Google Chrome Help and Information.


Use the Ctrl + Shift + I key combination to open the developer tools.

Paste the following, including the quotes, and hit Enter:

When you paste the command, the quotes may not be correct. Delete the quotes and put the double ones.

Close the developer tools, and reload the page.

As you can see, it is very easy to get the dark mode of Youtube.In addition, this trick will also activate the new YouTube design, if you still used the old design.

As always, it all depends on the tastes; for both the dark mode and the new YouTube design.

Our recommendation is to give it a try, who knows, you may like it better than the original mode even if you don’t use the computer in the dark.