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How the Internet can help you find a job


Without wanting to enter the world of entrepreneurship, I will comment here on some links that you can consult to increase the chances of being successful in the labor market, always remembering that it is not only training and a good curriculum that is needed, it is also necessary to have the attitude adequate in the target company.


Having courses is important, but it is even more important to have knowledge. That is why it should not be so important to collect certificates and make the most of what the hundreds of online courses that appear each month can offer us.

Here in We have a specific category of free online courses, each month we compile the best courses offered by universities in various parts of the world, courses that do not offer a certificate (most of the time) but do offer knowledge and transmission of the experience of the teachers who teach it.

If you manage to learn, and you have to demonstrate it, you will not need a piece of paper hanging in the room, and that is something that many companies are beginning to understand, so leave the obsession with the diploma and start studying, what offers are not lacking.


It is important to have prepared as many resumes as job offers that we want to attack. Each person is a set of experiences, and a curriculum is a summary of a subset of them. A job offer requires a series of specific skills, different from those needed in another company, even if it is the same position, so designing curricula begins to become an art.

When we read an offer we have to look for company information, know what they are looking for, the type of employee they need, the experience that stands out the most and, after collecting the data, we have to design the curriculum that we want to send. For this there are many tools, such as those shown in the article free applications to create your resume online and download it in PDF, although the most important thing is common sense.

Social networks

Once the CV is sent, the company will surely be in charge of searching our profile on the Internet, so it is important to have under control all the information that we have publicly disclosed.

If you need to delete data or social network accounts, you can consult the article Options to delete us from the Internet, although the most effective is to search our name on the web and verify if the information that appears is what we really want to show publicly.

Create a good profile on Linkedin, work on your personal brand, design a virtual business card in about me or (something to help show what you want when they search by your name). Play devil’s advocate with yourselves to avoid last-minute scares.

Job portals

Although most people end up using large job portals, such as infojobs, monster And company, there are many others specialized in specific categories. In May we showed you the article Job Portals in Spanish, with several options, and in recent months we are talking a lot about networks such as Talentous or, for example, that can help to have a significant presence in the labor market.

Remember the article Places to train, to create the curriculum and to find a job, it can help you.

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