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How much money could you earn creating ransomware?

How much money could you earn creating ransomware?

Why you shouldn't pay the ransomware ransom

A new report reveals how much is made from ransomware, one of the most popular types of attack recently.

A ransomware is a type of program that hijacks your files or your system, and asks for a payment in Bitcoin or another virtual currency to unlock them. At Omicrono we have already spoken on several occasions about how these programs work, and above all, what we can do if they infect us.

But it all starts with the most important thing, avoiding being infected. And if they end up hijacking our files, what the security experts recommend is that we do not pay the ransom, because we have no guarantee that we will receive the key to unlock the encryption.

More and more normal people get into ransomware

It is clear that the economy of this system is based on the fact that, despite these advice, there are many people who make the payment; It doesn’t really matter that most people have lost the equipment and formatted it, so if there is a small percentage of people depositing the money, the operation will be worth it.

That is why this type of ransomware is so popular, and that is why we should not pay, as it sif we do we are encouraging more ransomware to develop and more people try to take advantage of it.

As the researchers of a recent study on the people behind the ransomware point out, these types of systems are no longer organized by advanced users with extensive encryption knowledge and with the ability and ability to create the necessary infrastructure (servers, Bitcoin account), but More and more people without this technical knowledge are organizing these criminal schemes with a small initial investment.

These people, probably because they have heard of ransomware or know someone in the thick of garlic, use private forums or the Deep Web using the TOR network to contact experts to allow them to implement everything they need to drop the ransomware on the network and wait income. It seems like an easy way to make money, if we ignore the fact that it is quite illegal, of course.

How much is earned from ransomware

To the question of how much you earn with ransomware, we have to answer with a great depends. For starters, although it seems that it is a very simple operation and that all the money that is deposited in our Bitcoin account is for us, in reality the thing is different.

That is because a ransomware is never distributed by a single person, and there is the concept of affiliates, people who distribute ransomware by all kinds of means (torrents, direct downloads) and who receive a portion of what is entered.

The study focused on Cerber, one of the most popular ransomware today; according to the calculations of the experts, this campaign of ransomware achieved an income of 195,000 dollars in one month.

All thanks to the fact that some 150,000 people made the payment during that period of time; even if only 0.3% of those infected paidThey are enough people to generate interesting income.

Now, the Cerber campaign has about 161 members, who take 40% of the income; therefore, the creators of Cerber took $ 78,000 in a single month. If they manage to maintain this success for a year, they will take almost a million dollars.

With those figures, it is understandable that more and more people without knowledge are entering the ransomware sector, despite the possible legal consequences.