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How is the life of the spy, told by a former CIA agent

How is the life of the spy, told by a former CIA agent

How is the life of the spy, told by a former CIA agent

A former CIA agent has gone through reddit, revealing what life in Spain is like. To be as glamorous as the one we imagine?

Let’s be honest, the idea we have of a Spaniard is what the movies and books have given us, that of someone who is able to integrate into a strange environment, steals the information he needs, kills the target, and disappears, preferably with background explosion.

Real spas don’t have such exciting lives, but I do know they can go through situations that would make us pass out for anyone else. Douglas Laux has written a book about these experiences, titledLeft of Boom: How a Young CIA Case Officer Penetrated the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

This is the life of Spain

As the title indicates, Laux participated in major operations against Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan. In 2010 he worked on the deactivation of explosive devices (IED) and on the removal from the battlefield of important Taliban and Al-Qaeda targets.

Most recently, Laux was in Afghanistan when the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden was executed, and participated in a top-secret operation in the Syrian civil war. Now that he has retired from the battlefield, Laux is telling the story of his life to whoever is interested, and so he went to Reddit to ask what they wanted (and what he could answer without having to kill the participants, Clear).

The lonely life of the special agent

For starters, I made it clear that The life of the special agent is very lonely. During the ten years he was on duty, he only told his brother the truth of his life, and because the agency asked him so that in case he died in combat they could contact him.

Although he had some love relationship, he did not have children. For the rest of his family and friends, for his father and mother, he had gotten a simple job in a company’s sales department.

When he had to travel to Afghanistan, he told them that he was going to live in Hawaii because that was the furthest place he could think of and the one that his acquaintances were least likely to visit. Despite everything, his parents tried to visit his fake house on more than one occasion, so he had to make several excuses for them.

When their story was finally going to go public, Laux told them the truth before they had to find out from the newspaper.

The skills that a Spaniard needs

As it could not be otherwise, many questions were related to the requirements to become a special agent, but apparently there is not much to do before you are selected (although serving in the army helps).

Once you join an agency, because you have been selected or because you have signed up for a government program, thiswill take care of teaching you the skills you will need, so everyone is on the same level when does it start. Laux thinks that helped him because he considers himself just a normal uncle. And of course, no drugs.

The hardest part of being a special people

Although his life was in danger on several occasions (being a CIA member in Afghanistan is the equivalent of having a big target on his back), Laux’s worst memory is of a very long flight back home from Afghanistan.

During all those hours He was unable to urinate because he was infected with a virus that he had caught in the area. This shows us that there are worse punishments than death.

How much does a Span charge

Technically the special agents are officials, so according to Laux they don’t charge much, and the last money you should be thinking about when signing up.

You will not drive an Aston Martin and you will not wear Tom Ford. You will drive a Prius (if you are in administration) and wear GAP

Is it true that spas link a lot?

Laux had several girlfriends throughout his service, but no relationship prospered, in part because of their suspicions of him. He was repeatedly accused by them that he was seeing another woman, and he had no choice but to lie. On one occasion, one of his girlfriends found his badge, and what followed was a show of lies and cross-accusations that didn’t end well.

Despite everything, Lauxno regrets that a good part of his life was a lie despite everything he suffered along the way.


For Laux, s. He considers his greatest achievement eliminate the world’s largest FDI network in Afghanistan within two years, but of course this satisfaction depends a lot on each person.