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How has the electrical reform affected my bill ?, an online calculator helps us with the issue


Since We present this calculator, free and available online, that will help us calculate the extra cost due to the contracted power.

Since August 1, 2013, the energy reform has established new prices, lowering energy prices (variable expenditure according to consumption) and increasing those of contracted power (fixed expenditure).

The measure has particularly affected clients with access rate 3.0 (SMEs), which have had a 150% increase, clients with low energy consumption (second homes, closed flats) and clients with more contracted power than they really need.

In order to adjust the power that we hire to the needs that we really have, we can use your application to know if we can actually save with it. We just have to find an invoice before August 1 and report how much we have spent and our contracted power. We specify the billing period and report the energy consumption of said invoice.

In the result we will see what we paid at the time and what we would pay with the new pricing policy. is an electrical marketer that offers its services online in the Spanish market, so they will offer proposals after the calculation made, products that can help save by customizing the contract to better suit what we need, without having to pay more than is strictly necessary.