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How can you enter your Facebook even if you misspell the password

How can you enter your Facebook even if you misspell the password

How can you enter your Facebook even if you misspell the password

Have you ever made a mistake in entering the FB password and were you able to enter? It has an explanation, and that is that we can enter without having it completely right.

It is not very easy to believe, because hardly anyone knows, but you can enter Facebook without having the password completely. The best thing is that it does not pose any security risk, so our accounts are not in danger, because everything is controlled. Do you really think that Facebook, which spends many millions of euros on cybersecurity, is going to leave a back door?

The application, both in its web version and in its mobile version, has an option to wrong password input to some extent. They do this because they know that there may be errors of the type starting with a capital letter, which is very common, for example, on mobile phones (although this is disabled in the key fields to avoid just this).

Therefore, we should not worry about anything, as much as this can be done, If they don’t know our password, they won’t be able to enter. To explain this, let’s assume that our password is eliAs123.

First letter in capital letter


One of the most common mistakes on mobile phones (even on computers) is start the key with a capital letter when it shouldn’t be there. If we enter it like this, we will see that we can enter our account without any problem.

Toggle upper and lower case


It is very normal that we have the caps lock activated and we think that it is not, right? In this case, chances are that if we don’t realize let’s alternate upper and lower case. There is no problem, because the FB developers have realized this and we can enter in the same way.

Add any character at the end

eliAs123 + any character

It has not happened to you that you are going to hit Enter and you end up pressing the key just before pressing the key to go to the next step? It is very annoying, and simply by a single letter we will have to retype the happy password completely. Well, not on Facebook, because if we add any character at the end I will not take it into account as long as all of the above is fine. We can even combine this failure with one of the previous two that nothing will happen.

As we see they are harmless mistakes and Facebook takes it into account. Take the test: log out and start again with any of the previous options; You can enter without any problem.