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How Alumni works, where university students find work


A few weeks ago we told you about Alumni (, an employment platform created for university students in their last two years of career and recent graduates, where students register for free and can participate in activities that improve their employability, having the support of large companies seeking Young talents such as Electronic Arts, Deutsche Bank, Vocento, IBM, Deloitte, etc.

The idea is not to respond to job offers and to participate in selection processes. Companies conduct profile searches (using filters) and invite students who fit what they are looking for.

To register we have to inform our personal data (name, city, country, date of birth) and academic (title, notes of the most relevant subjects, university in which we have studied and estimated completion date):

Once the personal and academic profile is completed, we include the data related to the languages, work experience and exchange programs in which we have participated, before reporting the points shown in the form below, related to the market we want to target:

That is the information that we have to include, as well as the photograph, remembering that they are not looking only for the best and for all those who want to participate in a database consulted by companies that need this type of profile to start opening positions. job. The best ones, that is, will have the option to participate in programs such as the Alumni Talent Program (ALTA), being able to carry out activities with the help of several experts from different business areas.

In addition to participating in Alumni as a student or as a company, it is possible to participate as an agent, detecting talents in our university in order to participate in training courses on how to direct the professional career, preparation of interviews and other topics related to personnel selection.