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Hotspot, share your terminal connection via WiFi in exchange for favors [Android]

Hotspot, share your terminal connection via WiFi in exchange for favors [Android]

It is clear that we have become accustomed to taking the Internet wherever we go, but there can be a series of circumstances for which we could not have connectivity in our mobile terminals, so an option we have is to ask our friends to share the connections of their mobile terminals so that we can connect to their networks and carry out the activities we need, in exchange for returning the favor in the form of thanks or otherwise.

This is precisely what the Android application called Hotspot, where on the one hand we can put our terminals as Internet access points for our friends ‘terminals, and on the other hand on the contrary, where we are the ones who will connect to our friends’ network connections. In any case, we must both have the application installed. One of the advantages that we have with Hostpotio is that the same application is in charge of simplifying our connectivity, with which we avoid having to put passwords, among other aspects.

The application has integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so that we can limit our connections only to the terminals of our contacts in them, although they can later thank us within the same social networks. We can also share our connections with our friends’ friends, or in a totally public way.

In this way, for example, we can ask that we can connect to the networks of our friends in exchange for inviting them to a coffee, among other options. Over time, we can see the balance of favors toward whom he leans.

Hotspot is freely available for Android 2.2 and higher terminals.