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Hotfile closes and will have to pay 80 million for copyright infringement


That’s right, in a press release from (Motion Picture Association of America), published in gigaom, they report that the famous Hotfile service, created to allow file sharing between users, close its doors and will have to pay 80 million dollars for copyright infringement.

That has been the agreement: close and pay. The sentence grants damages against Hotfile in the amount of 80 million dollars.

Senator Chris Dodd, president and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, commented that this is another important step towards protecting an Internet that works for everyone.

Sites like Hotfile, which illegally profit by harnessing the creativity and hard work of others, are a serious detriment to the public, who deserve high-quality, legitimate online viewing experiences.

Hotfile dies, just like megaupload died. Few have been able to adapt. The film industry still does not bet 100% on projects that allow the public to see recent content, at a good price and with good quality via the Internet, and many file hosting services still cannot find a way to survive without crossing the line of illegal. MediaFire may be an exception, a service that recently showed interest in competing with Dropbox using a file synchronization system between devices, although most direct download sites seem to be numbered.