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Hootsuite launches the possibility of seeing our new followers in a single column


Those of us who work reporting on social media are used to monitoring information in many different ways. One of the variables to take into account is the growth of followers and their relationship with the type of content we publish, something that can now be done simply with Hootsuite.

They have just launched the possibility of including a new column in our control panel that allows us to see the last users who have started to follow us. The column in question shows the name of the profile and its last tweet, helping to get to know them better (something essential to maintain a good relationship on the social web with those interested in our content).

It is one of the functionalities born in the last hackathon that they have organized, where in a few days they have begun to develop small functions requested by users in the system forums. Another one announced during the last days was to show who is doing RT of our tweets, as well as to show the relationships between a user and our other communities. Surely they will continue to rain news in this very popular social media management system, a system that seems to be running out of competition in the market.