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Holograms that you can touch like real objects

Holograms that you can touch like real objects

Holograms that you can touch like real objects

French researcher Immersion is developing a system for playing holograms as if they were real objects.

2016 may have been the year of virtual reality; but for the future, most likely, augmented reality will gain strength.

Projects like Microsoft’s Hololens demonstrate the potential of adding virtual elements to our reality. Instead of jumping into another world, we can improve ours.

The disconnect between holograms and our reality

However, Hololens has also taught us that the road to that future will be long and complicated. It is not only that we are facing a very expensive technology, but especially that he is young, and its potential is not yet fully discovered.

For the average user, it is not enough to have floating menus and little games that attract attention for two seconds; if it’s not something they can interact with and that may be useful or entertaining, they will not use it.

The main problem with augmented reality is the disconnection between our reality and the virtual world; It is a problem that also affects virtual reality, but it can be fixed with specially adapted controls.

Using augmented reality with a controller will eliminate all immersion, because It can’t fool our brain. Hence the name Immersion is so appropriate.

They create a system for playing holograms

This company has developed a system for playing holograms, using optical technology; At Omicrono we have already talked about this type of system on other occasions, but until now they have been limited to small prototypes.

What Immersion has achieved seems to go further, offering us the possibility of interact with holograms with our own hands.

In the published example, we can touch a globe and spin it with our hand; In doing so, we will notice a resistance, as if we were touching a real object.

The degree of precision is even higher, since the system is capable of detect the shape of our hand and offer just the right resistance at every three-dimensional point. This is important to achieve natural interactions.

At the moment this is only a prototype, but it is a good preview of what may be to come in the future of augmented reality.