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HitList, app that tells us the best time to travel and save


HitList is presented in the appstores for Android and iOS in the form of an application or wish list focused on the trips we want to make. That is, beyond making a list of the sites we want to see, HitList will recommend us what is the best time to go to those sites depending on offers and flight prices.

We will start by making a list, manually or by selecting the recommendations offered by the app itself. In this list we will choose the places that we want to visit, and we will see at the same time if our friends live or have been in some special place that we may want to see.

From this previously entered information, what we have left to do is wait and start receiving notifications. The application will scan all the information in travel agencies and flights to notify us of the best prices of the moment to travel to those destinations and of the best times of the year to do so.

The app also has a social aspect to travel, giving us the possibility to share the list with other users who can dare to visit these destinations with us. On the other hand, the application will scan if our contacts and friends are in the city we are visiting and offer to contact them if so.

The links to download the application are as follows: here for iOS and in this link for Android.