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Hightrack, web productivity tool, launches iOS app


A few months ago we talked about Hightrack, an efficient and organized web tool that, even in the private beta phase, allows us to create tasks and events on a calendar through a side panel that orders what we have pending by period of time, taking into account the start date and the end date, so that nothing is overlooked.

They already indicated that at the end of the beta period, iOS, Android, Windows, etc. applications would be released, and for now it is Apple’s turn. We already have Hightrack in the form of an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app (we will only find it optimized for iPhone, but it will work on all three platforms). In the Hightrack app we will find a distribution of tasks similar to the one we already saw on the web, that is, with a side panel where the main menus and accesses to the different menus will be found and a panel in which we can view and activate directly the tasks.

At the end of releasing the aforementioned app, it is also in beta phase and therefore pending to improve its characteristics depending on user feedback, especially taking into account that soon it will have to adapt to the new iOS 7 operating system. Hightrack for your Apple device at this link to iTunes.