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Hightail, former YouSendIt, receives $ 34 million funding round


Earlier this year we saw how the YouSendIt service launched new applications aimed at facilitating file management and administration on mobile devices, incorporating classification and sending of photos and videos from the terminal to the service. In the middle of the year we read that YouSendIt was renamed Hightail, focusing on the productive and collaborative aspect of the apps.

And it seems that Hightail has a long way to go, given the recently received funding round of $ 34 million. In an interview we read in TC, Hightail CEO Brad Garlinghouse comments on this new round of opportunities, indicating that he plans to use the capital received to expand his reach in the market in order to grow more internationally. Hightail currently has 230 employees, a staff that it plans to expand in the coming months.

Although Hightail still has to take a few steps to become an official competitor of services such as Dropbox or Box, it is in a tremendously favorable situation given the new name and design and a new proposed strategy, both complemented by a timely round of financing. . We leave you with the words of the CEO of Hightail to find out what they can offer us regarding the competition:

Omos of clients who often encounter a problem in Dropbox when they share a folder but see that it is quickly deleted because another person had access and permission to control it. This does not happen in Hightail because we have developed a control for it. On the other hand, the big difference with Box is that, while they have evangelized the death of Microsoft, we know that 90% of businesses use Microsoft products, and Hightail integrates with Sharepoint and Outlook to complement it.