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HerdProtect, to scan your PC with 68 anti-malware tools


Every time you have to be more careful when it comes to managing security issues, malware and viruses, and therefore we have various options to control any situation that may be related to a threat of this type.

Tools that help us to be prepared against certain security commitments are online antivirus such as the Votiro that we reviewed recently, as well as dozens of antivirus options that we can count on to provide good protection to our computer.

Another option that will allow us to use the scanning functions of 68 anti-malware programs at the same time is HerdProtect, a scanning system that knows that no anti-malware program is 100% perfect and that offers a better solution guaranteeing broad coverage. by various motors running at the same time. HerdProtect will monitor all processes, modules and software and scan them with the 68 tools, performing this scanning process in the cloud so that it does not affect the user’s PC.

After finishing the scan, after communicating between HerdProtect and the PC with encrypted data, the user will be informed with the results and thus the user will be able to take the appropriate actions to eliminate the threat. We currently have the beta version available for free, downloadable here, available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP.