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Have you lost your mobile? All methods to find it

Have you lost your mobile? All methods to find it

Have you lost your mobile? All methods to find it

Calm down, if you have lost your mobile, here we explain all the ways you have to find it.

Today, our smartphones are objects that could be defined as part of our family. They are an extension of us and we could say that it would take us a lot of work to spend a full day without him.

No matter the occasion, the time or the place because we always take them with us. This It can cause us to lose it somewhere, either by mistake or theft. But what can we do if we lose our smartphone?

I have lost my mobile, what do I do?

First of all, when we realize that our smartphone is not with us, the first thing we have to do is try to remember the last thing we did with it. If we end up coming to the conclusion that we have definitely lost it or been robbed of it, we can try to get it back.


How to find a lost iPhone

Since iOS 9, all mobile devices of the apple brand have the application Search my Iphone. This application, which works after activation from the device settings (iCloud Settings Find my iPhone), will help us in case of theft or loss.

Thanks to Find my iPhone we can perform certain actions from or from another iOS device. We can emit a sound or a vibration to the lost device, activate the lost mode through which we can send a message and a number that will appear on the screen, delete the content of the device or see its exact location.


Of course, for this last measurement to work, iPhone must be turned on and connected to a data network or Wi-Fi. But it can be really useful to know if you are close to us or to know your last location before being turned off.

How to find a lost Android phone

Until quite recently there was no official way to locate a lost or stolen Android phone. But Google wanted to end it and decided to implement its Android device manager.

This is a really easy tool to use and believe me, I mean it from my own experience, you will be very helpful. It allows us to request that the device emit a sound, block it to prevent others from using it and remotely erase all the data on it.


But it will also allow us locate said device on the map, whether they are phones or tablets.

The Device administrator Android works on any device with Android 2.2 or higher. And best of all, you don’t have to install any additional applications.

android device manager

To make use of it we have to enter from this web page with our Google account. Then we will only have to choose the device and automatically we will have access to the map that will show us its location.

How to find a lost Windows Phone

Windows Phone-equipped smartphones also have their own tracking tool. This time, this service It is called Find My Phone.


The first thing to do is activate the service from the phone settings (Settings Updates and security Find my phone). Once here, we will only have to activate the box Save my device’s location periodically to make it easier to find.

Once everything is configured, we can visit the Windows Phone website and use the Find my phone tool. Once here we can see the location of the device, block it or delete all the data.