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Have you been scammed when buying online? These are the steps you have to follow

Have you been scammed when buying online? These are the steps you have to follow

Have you been scammed when buying online? These are the steps you have to follow

When we buy and sell on the Internet we have to do it with lead feet, because if we could not be scammed. We give you some advice in case it happens to you.

For many years, the buy-sell on the net. It has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. And it is that the thing can turn out well, but if not the case we can lose enough money, or, failing that, what we are selling. There are many people who are dedicated to swindling, especially selling fake phones as originals, although luckily, as people are increasingly understood insmartphones less likely to be scalded.

Another of the most common scams is to carry out a network of scams. This implies that many people get scammed, either while selling or buying, but whoever organizes it does not stain their hands. Lately it is very common that So-called foreigners send us emails explaining that they need what we are selling urgently and that they pay a lot (something very similar to the Nigerian prince scam).

Tips before buying / selling

The best thing not to be scammed is, of course, make the purchase / sale sooffline. That is, stay, see the product in hand, try it and buy it (in some cases it is advisable to sign a generic purchase-sale contract so that it is all written; there are them on the Internet and they are free). In case it has to be strictly necessary, due to geographical necessity, the best payment method is PayPal, because in case of scam we can claim the money.

We should never give our ID (If anything, it is necessary to send parcels, but never a scanned copy), because the other person could use it to defraud others. If so, complaints will come to us, even if we have done nothing, and although we have also been swindled. It is what is known as a scam network: they use our bank account and our DNI to scam, so in the end we ended up scammed and with a complaint.

You have to look for references of the person with which we will reach an agreement. With a simple search of your email or your phone number we can find a lot of information. In case you have scammed before, we will know, because most likely someone posted your data on the internet warning that you are a scammer. We have to be very careful with what we do, because we could also end a complaint by the data protection law.

Another of the most important things is don’t go for the bargains, because they could be very expensive. In general, bargains are either fake or stolen products or directly a scam. You have to suspect.

If you get into legal trouble, to speed up the complaint process, the more information we have the better. Of course, if we do not have how to demonstrate that we have made a transaction, the complaint will be nothing. Whether we speak on WhAtsApp or speak on call we will have to have everything recorded.

Recording a call, contrary to how people think, is not illegal. It would be if we distribute it without the permission of the other person, but as judicial proof it is worth as long as it does not compromise the privacy of the other person, and the latter must be taken with tweezers. If we have made an economic transaction we will also have to keep all kinds of safeguards so that everything is recorded.

I’ve been scammed, now what?

Suppose you bought something on any portal and nothing ever came to you (or something faulty came to you). We can also assume that we sold something and that we were never paid. On the other hand, you can also assume that we have made an exchange and that we have sent what we owe, but the other person has not.

If we have done it through a platform that works as an intermediary (in economic terms), such as Amazon, we will have to report it to its customer service. This is the easiest since the web will automatically return the money and sanction the other person. If you have to get into legal trouble, the company will do it. In any case, we have the chance to win and the money will be recovered instantly, even if the problem takes months to resolve.

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If on the contrary we have done it through Wallapop, Milanuncios or Vibbo, which are websites that only act as intermediaries (not economic), we will have to resort to the complaint before the Civil GuardAlthough this does not always imply that we recover our money or our product. It is also advisable to notify the administrator of the buying and selling portal to block the person who has committed the infringement, so that they can not do it again and it does not happen to other people.

It could happen that the person declared insolvent and that we never recover what is ours. It could also happen that we recover the product years later, when it is already completely out of date and when it no longer has any value, neither venal nor to be used. The last option is that the case is never solved (there are not enough police in Spain to fight cybercrime).

The best thing is to prevent with the advice that is above, because then we will not have to be reporting or claiming anything. In the event that you have touched us, we can do little more than hand it over to the authorities, but staying with the good, next time we will be more cautious