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Has your Google session been closed? It is not a hack, it has happened all over the world

Check the security of your Google account with this simple wizard

Check the security of your Google account with this simple wizard

Users around the world have suffered the closing desesin of all your Google accounts and services, temporarily preventing your access.

Don’t panic, it is not a hack and your data is not at risk. Many users have been alarmed in the last few hours because the logout message of their Google accounts has appeared on their mobile phones and devices.

Messages indicate that something has changed in your Google Account and it is necessary log back in, but not all users have been able to.

Millions of users experience Google logouts

This means that any device associated with your Google account, as well as all the services integrated in Google, and third-party services that have logged in with Google credentials, have closed their session and now it’s time to log in manually, one by one .

Of course, when faced with such a message, the first thing that many users have thought is that the security of their Google accounts had been violated, that they had been hacked or accessed them. Calm down, it is not like this, it is a mistake from Google, not a hack.

Given the avalanche of messages from users on social networks and the number of accounts affected by this logout, a Google employee has called for calm from the GMail support forums.

From Google report that they are aware that a large number of users have suffered sudden logouts and that they are investigating the reasons, but they rule out a security breach because there are indications for it.

What to do if my accounts have been closed?

To get everything back to normal, just try log back in In your Google Account, you can do it by entering each service separately or from the central panel.

In case you don’t remember the password, you can enter assistant for recovering Google accounts.

And if you had the two-step verification enabled, patience, the confirmation SMS with the unique and temporary code may be delayed a few minutes, or you can also use the emergency security codes.

Of course, it never hurts to give it a review of the security of our account. Here’s how to update passwords, add two-step verification, and generally brush your account in general. We all store a lot of personal information between Google services and it is better to keep them safe.