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Hangouts and Google+ photo and video features receive multiple enhancements

Hangouts and Google+ photo and video features receive multiple enhancements

Google brings us a series of novelties today that benefit both the Hangout messaging application and the photos section of Google+, although we can rather say that the beneficiaries are the users due to the new features incorporated in these services, which will allow us to get more performance out of them.

And more performance we can get from Hangout, where in its Android version now allow us share our locations, avoiding having to write our locations to the contacts, in addition to support for SMS, which prevents us from using other applications to manage our SMS messages, in addition to the support for GIF images, where we can spend fun times looking at the Animated gifs.

But also, according to the statement, Hangouts will allow presenters and drivers of Hangouts On Air. program your spaces and promote them through a dedicated page. Once these spaces are live, they will have access to a control room that will allow them to set the moderations they need. The video calls have also been improved, now being full screen on mobile devices and on the desktop, where in addition, improves the lighting that our web cameras take automatically.

We will have to wait a few days to get the Android application and the functions for video calls, although the improvements for Hangouts On Air will come in the coming weeks.

Regarding the photos and videos, Google announces that Full-size backups and background sync are coming to Google+ for iOS very soon. But also, Google+ will help us better in the search of our images thanks to its ability to recognize more objects, although if we don’t like the quality of our images, we can always go to the automatic improvement function, obtaining better results, especially now that we have control over the intensity level of each improvement. If we want to make improvements to our mobile devices, we recommend the use of Snapseed and its new HDR Scape filter. It also tells us about Analog Efex Pro for the Nik Collection, for $ 149, for apply effects to our images emulating different forms of analog image processing.

Finally, the statement tells us about three new techniques in their auto effects, Action, Eraser and Movie, where the first one allows us to create a photograph with a stroboscopic effect, the second one is designed to take pictures of places and landscapes, eliminating the superimposed elements simply by taking a sequence and eliminating the moving elements, and the third one allows us to obtain automatically A video of the highlights from photos and videos, including effects, soundtrack, and transitions.

All these improvements are available this week, where the Film technique will be obtained by those users with Android 4.3+ devices.

Without a doubt, we already have a possible task to unleash our creativity on this next bridge, precisely testing all the improvements that Google has just announced to us.

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