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Hallucinate with this totally homemade 200W laser bazooka

Hallucinate with this totally homemade 200W laser bazooka

Hallucinate with this totally homemade 200W laser bazooka

This youtuber has fulfilled one of our dreams: to build a 200W bazooka laserthat can fry everything in its path.

Have you ever been interested in laser pointers? We have been told all our lives that we must be careful with look at them directly because there is a risk of eye damage. That is correct, although they are usually about 5mw (milliwatt) lasers.

In the United States, this is the limit established by law, since Drake Anthony has created his own 200W laser cannon, that is 400 times more powerful than lasers used in laboratories.

A 200W laser can with everything

Anthony is a young science enthusiast and on his YouTube channel he is uploading the progress of the projects he is carrying out and the laser theme is very present among them. The last one has been 200WLaser Bazooka, a name that defines exactly what you have created in-house.

Surely you are thinking that must be very dangerous, and yes, it is. Anthony has created this bazooka out of scrap metal and reused parts. Beyond the structure that gives it that weapon shape, the most important pieces are laser diodes. To get that 200W power, he has mounted several lasers DLP projectors broken that I bought on eBay.

To concentrate the light beam use alenses taken out of telescopes and science kits. The invention is completely wireless, but its power consumption is very high, no less than a kilowatt, so it has assembled a pack of lithium batteries.

It is not exactly a toy and the danger of being blind when looking at the light is quite high, so even Anthony himself uses a mask. In the video above you can see what happens when aiming at different objects with the laser cannon.

Of course, now what the Internet is asking you to do is record what your bazooka looks like pointing at the sky in the middle of the night, although using it in public would be too dangerous. You can find more videos of Anthony on his styropyro channel, where he also has videos DIY of laser swords, chemistry and more.