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Guide to move from iPhone to Android, written by Eric Schmidt

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Do you have a friend who has considered migrating from the iOS system (iPad and iPhone) to Android? If the answer is yes, you are not the only one, since Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, also does the same thing, which has led him to publish a personal guide on his Google+ profile with a series of practices and tips so that users can migrate many of the contents of their iOS terminals to Android without problems, using the capabilities of the cloud to carry it out.

In this guide, it lists a series of high-end Android terminals from different manufacturers, indicating that they have better screens, are faster and with much more intuitive interfaces. At the end of the guide, he gives a couple of general tips, the first of which is to use Chrome instead of Safari because it is safer and better in many ways, as well as free, according to his words. The second of his tips is to use two-step authentication from GMail, the essential Google service to perform migrations from iOS platform to Android.

In the end, users who follow the guide should have the same contacts, the same songs, the applications and GMail. Regarding electronic messages, indicate to use previous versions of the Messenger application or Hangouts application in Android 4.4

It is clear that this guide is more focused on a series of more leading terminals with the latest versions of Android available, among which are the recently launched Nexus 5. For Eric Schmidt, the terminals mentioned in his guide are excellent gifts to give away. Christmas to iPhone users.

We leave you with the translation of the most important points:

On the Android– Turn on the Android, connect WiFi, log in with your personal Gmail account and download all the applications you normally use (for example, Instagram) in the Google Play store. – Make sure that the software on the Android phone is updated to the Latest version (i.e. 4.3 or 4.4). You should be notified if there are any software updates. – You can add additional Gmail accounts now or later.

On iPhone / iPad– Turn on, connect to WiFi, log in with your Gmail and update to the latest version of iOS (iOS 7) – Check that you are using iCloud to backup contacts. Go to iCloud (in Settings) and activate it. – Put your personal Gmail account in Settings and activate sync for contacts. On the latest iOS, this should sync Gmail contacts and iPhone contacts. – Disable iMessage in settings, as it only works from iPhone to iPhone, so messages will not reach Android. – Make sure your iPhone It is fully synced with iTunes on Mac. Your photos and music will appear on your Mac when you do that.

Now, you can make the change from Sim, from iPhone to Android

You can also use Dropbox, for example, to synchronize photos and videos between mobiles without having to have a Mac (depend on iTunes), although the most important thing: contacts and applications, will already be under control on the new device.