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Groopify, blind meetings with people with your tastes, and in your city


Pablo Viguera writes us to present his new project Groopify, an interesting initiative born in Spain based on the creation of an offline social club that was born with the aim of bringing together different groups of friends with common hobbies and tastes, all through meetings blindly in special places in the city.

Groopify’s main intention is to go one step further when it comes to making friends via social networks, becoming an offline social network so that such interactions are more physical and less virtual and superficial. The meetings will be between two groups of three friends each, made up of three girls and the other three boys. It will be Groopify himself who chooses who to meet and how, using a matchmaking Special that you study the profiles of both groups to make sure they share common interests and tastes. Groopify even choose us the place to stay, and to make sure that everyone goes and nobody leaves anyone standing, a pre-payment must be made for the first round going online, on the same website.

At the moment Groopify gives us the possibility of making these blind meetings in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid, and in all those cities they have a network of venues where friends’ meetings will be held and where we will pay for the rounds of drinks or what is tercie.

An attractive, fun and optimal option for different groups of friends, first unknown, can spend an afternoon-night in a pleasant and close environment.