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GreenButton inCus – audio indexing service based on MAVI technology

GreenButton inCus - audio indexing service based on MAVI technology

MAVI (Microsoft Research Audio Video Indexing System) is a multimedia content indexing system, property of Microsoft, which allows the search of spoken digital content, that is, it takes us to the exact points of the conversations where the words have been spoken or phrases within the audio and video content that we have indicated. MAVI dares to search for material from 100 seconds to 10,000 hours of speeches in which different speakers can also participate.

Well, this system is used in the new GreenButton InCus service, belonging to the company specialized in offering solutions through the GreenButton Internet, which allows the indexing of audio files and searches within multimedia content.

In this way, any multimedia material, such as conferences, presentations, events, voice calls, video calls or even online videos, can be indexed by GreenButton InCus, which works on top of Windows Azure.

According to GreenButton inCus, offering this service avoids the need for investment in infrastructure, simplifying any process of indexing and searching the file for clients.

Those of you who want to know more about this technology can consult all the relative information from their website.

Link: GreenButton inCus | Goes: Technet