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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes to mobiles and tablets


GTA fans, don’t worry, because the fun in the world of Grand Theft Auto It continues beyond the last GTA V release. A new title comes to our hands, this time in the form of an official iOS app called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (yes, it comes to us under the same name as one of the most memorable titles in the saga), with a version for other operating systems on the way.

It is the first time that the GTA franchise premieres its game on mobile devices, and this version has little to do with the 2004 San Andreas. We will see that the application will have impressive graphics, an open world with infinite game possibilities (as it is typical of these types of games sandbox), updated character models and cars, and an overall more polished aesthetic.

Being oriented to touch devices, the interface and the game mode have been optimized for this type of control, changing in this context the control system for characters and driving.

For now we only have the iOS version, but the application will arrive soon (in fact, Rockstar has commented on Engadget that it will be next week) for Android, Kindle and Windows Phone. You can download the official Rockstar application for $ 6.99 at this link to iTunes, available for all iPad, iPhone models from version 4.0 and iPod Touch.