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GPlusData Pro, statistics from our Google Plus account


While Facebook has its own statistical system, and Twitter has dozens of large platforms capable of obtaining data of all kinds, Google Plus still does not have an effective statistical system.

We cannot see the most successful publications, a graph of evolution of followers, reports that help to understand what the community consults the most, what is most shared … data necessary to be able to work on increasing the quality of the actions we carry out in said platform.

Now a good approximation of what is necessary appears: launches a non-free solution that allows you to obtain the little that Google is able to deliver publicly:

– Data on the geographical distribution of followers, sex and other demographic data. – Influence of publications according to time, day or day of the week. – Relationship between influence and number of followers – Users we follow and who do not follow us. – Most influential and active followers.

In total we can monitor up to 10 user profiles or pages, paying a monthly fee of $ 9.95 a month.

As you can see, the amount of information offered is not much, although it will be interesting to follow the evolution of the system and verify if Google itself gives us any such report in the near future.