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Google's parental control app arrives on iOS

Google's parental control app arrives on iOS

Google's parental control app arrives on iOS

Family Link is now available on iOS, the Google application that allows parents to control what children do with the smartphone.

A few weeks ago Google released one of its new applications for Android, it is a tool for Parental control called Family Link.

With it, parents can know exactly what children are using mobile devices for, which is more than normal today, becoming one of their main entertainments thanks to the almost infinite catalog of content that can be found on YouTube or on the Internet. thousands of adapted applications.

Family Link for iOS now on the App Store

Now Family Link comes to iOS, Apple’s mobile system, allowing parents to continue to control their children with Android devices from the iPhone.

What does this parental control app do? Simply log in with the corresponding Google account for parents to start manage which applications can use children. In other words, apps can be approved or blocked, preventing them from being downloaded by children from Google Play.

At the same time, you can see a record of weatherthat happen in each application, with daily, monthly or weekly reports, being able to establish time limits.

This also leads to the option of phone lock at specific times, for example at bedtime or if other tasks should be done.

Family Link on the App Store for iOS

That is, at the moment Google Family Link is available only in specific countries upon invitation (which can be requested here).