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Google’s Eric Schmidt talks about blocking child pornography


The pursuit of child pornography and pedophile practices is probably being more active now than ever. We saw very recently how an NGO created a virtual girl with the aim of capturing child molesters using the Internet, and now large companies like Google are also putting themselves together to help with such investigations.

So we read in DailyMail about the statements of Eric Schmidt in relation to the blockade of child pornography by Google. For years, companies like Google or Microsoft have been working closely with the law to help prosecute these types of practices and definitively prevent pedophiles from carrying out illegal practices on the Internet and sharing material related to child pornography.

In this context it has been when, in the last three months, Google has put into practice a team of more than 200 people dedicated to working on new technologies that allow us to eliminate, or at least placate, this social problem. Hereinafter Google Search prevents the sharing of links on child sexual abuse, and not only that, but some 100,000 searches showing illegal content have been removed so far thanks to these new algorithms.. Little by little, they will implement these measures in different languages ​​so that these new tools have the most global scope possible.

Additionally, warnings are now displayed from Google and from NGOs warning of illegal content, and the work of expert organizations on the subject that are dedicated entirely to combating child abuse online is growing, to which Google offers, in parallel, technical support so that can evolve as quickly as possible.

Step by step, we hope it is possible that not too long from now they will be able to locate and censor this type of online practice. protection image