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Google works on humanoid robot project

Google works on humanoid robot project

What project is Andy Rubin currently working on at Google after leaving the reins of Android? The answer is found today in a New York Times article, which reveals that it is leading the project of humanoid robots, with the idea that these robots may eventually be used to perform repetitive and monotonous work, which currently They are carried out manually, such as the assembly of electronic products, or even perform logistics work, competing with the recent announcement by Amazon of the delivery of purchases through drones, according to NYT sources. nearby.

For this, Google has been acquiring seven technology companies during the last half year, without being given enough publicity for these acquisitions, and is even starting to hire robotics specialists and programmers to continue reinforcing the project.

Without a doubt, the article comes at a propitious moment due to the recent announcement by Amazon last Sunday night with its project to send small products through drones, which is still giving rise to talk, where Google has a lot to say on the subject. robotics since it is an area in which it has been investing large resources in research and development, and that sooner or later we will benefit the consumers themselves. In this sense, humanoid robots are expected to have more potential to be useful in relation to small drones or drones for shipping products.

Precisely Andy Rubin compared the project that he is currently leading with that of the self-driving car project, started in 2009, where at the beginning it looks like science fiction, when in reality some problems have already been overcome although there are other aspects that we have to improve. Well, with research on humanoid robots, something of the same happens, since it has a long-term vision so that in the future the ways in which repetitive work is carried out in an automated way and even in logistical matters change, now being the time to start in this area, which supposes, in the opinion of Andy Rubin, clear opportunities that were not being attended by today’s robotic technologies.