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Google updates Search Trends (Trends) with improvements and new features

Google updates Search Trends (Trends) with improvements and new features

Google announces a series of news and improvements in Google Trends through Inside Search. The novelties refer to the inclusion of two new characteristics, Trending Top Charts and the display of the most outstanding searches in the past 30 days, as well as the update of the exploration page.

Trending Top Charts: Based on Top Charts (items with the highest ranking in its Spanish version), which was launched in May to explore real-world people, places and things ranked by the general interest of searches in the United States, although they passes shortly. These most wanted lists, covering different categories, are now offered as trends, where users will be able to explore the new Trending Top Charts from a number of areas they are interested in, from entertainment to politics, among others. Access made through the arrow icon that users will find at the top of any Top Charts.

Viewing popular searches in the past 30 days: This is an alternative viewing mode to Top Charts, which has a new calendar icon at the top of the page for popular searches for any of the thirteen supported countries. Subsequently, users will hover the mouse over any topic to access some quick information and a link that will take them to the search trends for that specific day.

Explore page updates: In this sense, they announce a series of changes, involving the options of passes, categories and Google products (such as the web search engine, YouTube, etc.), which go to the upper navigation bar, and the greater ease of finding the Most important tools for comparing passes and time ranges. These changes have been, above all, for the most active users, to improve their ability to search for data on any topic and make the necessary comparisons by region, time series, categories, and by other elements.