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Google Tips, advice and tutorials on Google products

google tips

A new tool has been launched by the Google team for all users who use its products and want to know some tips to enjoy its full potential.

In Google Tips we will find different tips and tutorials as cards that can help us at a certain time. For example, how to customize the Gmail interface, how to upload videos to YouTube from the mobile, how to share calendars, among others.

Each of the cards has a mini guide to do a step by step and learn the trick. Although at the moment you do not have many options, we can filter the content under different criteria, such as choosing one of the 13 products mentioned in the list or thinking about those applications that are useful to us in different situations.

If any of the tips has been interesting to us, we can share it on social networks or send it by email directly from the card. And if we want any issue or concern that we have to be integrated, we only have to suggest it by completing the request that we will find on the last card.

At the moment, Google Tips is in English, and perhaps soon we will have this tool in our language, as it happens with all the sites Google offers dedicated to the good practices of its products.