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Google, thinking of building the ultimate personal assistant


We read in TC an interesting news announced at the Parisian event LeWeb, in which the director of engineering of Google Scott Huffman has announced to us the direction that Google Search will take in the coming months.

Starting from the idea that our expectations regarding how a search engine has to work change continuously and rapidly, and that the mechanics of the ten blue links displayed on the first page are increasingly outdated, Google intends to change the chip regarding to your Search and offer us a tool that is more like a personal assistant. Huffman explains that the next generation will be based, exclusively, on making our daily tasks become simpler and faster.

It was commented at the conference that a means in which to integrate Google Search could be perfectly the vehicle, or in devices that do not even have a screen: in which we simply interact through conversation, using in these cases only microphones and speakers whose recognition works through an ok Google.

For now, the beginning of this idea exists in the form of Google recognizing some 38 languages ​​and more than 18 billion facts and how they connect with each other, events that potentially are what will shape the Google of the future: a proactive assistant and who knows our habits, customs and personal tastes in order to offer us the most direct information possible.