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Google tests Android app to connect smartphones with Wi-Fi Hotspots


Many of the lucky ones who live in big cities find Wi-Fi points often if we pass near a Starbucks or any place that offers free Wi-Fi, but this is not always the case in many regions. With the purpose of facilitating access to a certain variety of Wi-Fi points, Google launches a new Android application, called WiFi Passport and currently tested in Jakarta (Indonesia).

If you were wondering why precisely in Jakarta, it is just the population of areas like that that has the most difficult to have a reliable and fast Internet in terms of 3G. In this context, it is best to have a more stable WiFi network and a smartphone that automatically connects to different access points, and that is where Google intervenes offering different hotspots which can be accessed directly from the mobile app without the need to register each time, that is, without the need to repeat the entry of passwords.

As we read in TheNextWeb, the service will be free for the first ten days and thereafter may continue to be used for less than $ 2 for 20 days and for less than $ 5 for 50 days. For now WiFi Passport is only available in Jakarta, but given its functionality and usefulness it may progressively spread to other markets.

Here we leave you the Android application that can be downloaded from GooglePlay.