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Google tests a new type of ad, + Post Ads, for Google+ content

+Post Ads

Advertisers are always looking for new ways to reach users, and as far as possible, encourage their participation, something they can achieve with the new advertising format that Eran Arkin has just presented through his Google+ profile, a testing format that starts with a number of partners, including Toyota USA and Cadbury UK. This advertising format is called + Post Ads and consists of converting any publicly accessible publication of the brands themselves on Google+, be it an image, a video or even a Hangout in an advertisement within the Google Display network, which has more than 2 million sites, where according to the ad, allow brands to think of the entire web as their social flow.

The + Post Ads will allow advertisers to start conversations from the ads themselves, which will expand to full screen when the interaction begins by the consumers themselves, who will have the possibility to share the videos that are offered, leave comments or questions to the brands themselves, or even join the hangouts themselves. Seen in another way, this advertising format makes it possible to retain and engage the user communities that own brands, creating a more social experience.

As the ad concludes, this new ad format has an expansion rate of 50% higher than the industry average for multimedia ads. In the coming months, they will collect opinions from both brands and consumers so that Google can offer this new advertising format to new brands. The details of this advertising format can be found through this link, and also offers a video about Toyota on the operation of this format for consideration by other brands that may have interest in using it (you can see it below).

It is clear that Google is already taking an interest in monetizing its Google+ social layer, and this format is a way of carrying it out that has just started its tests.

Here we leave you with the presentation video: