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Google Takeout launches new interface from this October

Google Takeout

Those of us who were users of Google Reader were able to save our data related to this service through Google Takeout, which, as many of you may know, is the Google service that allows us to store data related to us locally in each of the services of Google that are supported. Well, the G.O.S. publication once again looks at the modifications to the user interfaces of Google services, indicating that weeks ago, Google Takeout has modified its interface to make it friendlier and easier to use.

As we can see, Google has 16 services supported, so when it comes to telling you to create the file with our data, we can indicate the services for which we want to obtain them, with all services being activated by default. The files that we obtain will be compressed, so that we can obtain .zip, .tgz or .tbz files as indicated, where even those .zip files that occupy more than 2 GB will be divided into several files. At the end of the process, we will obtain an email message with the link that allows us to download the file or files to our crazy system, being available for a week.

According to the publication itself, the service is not working optimally when generating the files, something that they will have to be corrected along the way.

And well, regarding the changes, personally I also found myself this past weekend with the new Google identification page when accessing GMail, and the truth is that it is a clearer and simpler solution, such as We told you days ago, similar to the identification page for mobile devices, indicating that Google would also be testing with more users and in other languages, perhaps so that they can soon implement it definitively, something that we will know in due course.