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Google Street View comes to Venice, and it does it in a spectacular way


425 kilometers on foot and 180 by boat are just some of the numbers that Google discloses in the article in which it presents Venice within Google Street View, a project that has wanted to be more than a simple virtual tour of the city, since have included information extra of enough interest to those who are visiting the place.

In the photograph you can see a sacrificed Google employee walking in the Gndola through the streets of Venice, recording with the trekker everything that happens around to be able to show it here.

They have captured the most relevant tourist spots, although they also show ushidden jewels, as they call themselves, offering images of the synagogue of the first Jewish ghetto, the Devil’s Bridge on the island of Torcello or a stone mask, for example.

But they have not limited themselves to the streets, they have also entered the a href = https: // ProjectId = art-project> Museo Correr including their works of art in the Google Cultural Institute together with the Vetroy Ca Pesaro Museum – International Gallery of Modern Art, allowing you to see pictures of ancient Venice and compare them with the images currently captured.

On this page you can see how it was made, with maps, videos and more information about this project that will go down in history (no one knows how long Venice will be with us, so it is important to record that wonder in as detailed a way as possible) .