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Google robots dominate DARPA rescue robot competition

atlas robot boston dynamics

Less than a couple of weeks ago, Google bought Boston Dynamics, the prestigious company that developed extraordinary humanoid and animal-like robots, and is already beginning to maximize the scope of its transaction as its new ally dominates with Shaft, another brilliant company that He is already part of the team of the great G, in the DARPA rescue robots competition.

The competition from the United States Agency for Advanced Defense Research Projects (DARPA) sought to evaluate the robots of sixteen teams in aid and rescue tasks such as putting out fires, climbing stairs, walking on uneven terrain, turning valves , climbing stairs, cleaning rubble and other high-level challenges due to the complexity they require.

Well, the first place was taken by Shaft’s work with 27 of 32 possible points, and the second and fourth place were achieved by the Boston Dynamics team with its extraordinary humanoid robot Atlas that has been seen so much on YouTube. With what has been achieved, it is understood the great interest of Google to stay with these development groups, especially when more than in weapons resources for war, it is thought of the large market that could include a higher version of these robots in the home (attending to disabled people, cleaning the house, etc.).

The competition was held this weekend at a Nascar track in Miami and the main theme was a real emergency: the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

Information source and images: MIT Technology Review